We don't just work with farmers,

we are farmers too.

I always knew I wanted to own my own business. But I could have never imagined it would involve agriculture. Eleven years ago, I moved to my husband's family farm in Southern Maryland. At the time, I was the jewelry appraiser and store manager for a family-owned jewelry store. Benson and I started Monnett Farms together, a pasture-based niche meat business. We raise cattle, sheep, goats and hogs and sell our meats at a farmers market. 

When we started our family I left the jewelry store and started working for a Baltimore-based marketing agency. I was also writing for two newspapers: The Delmarva Farmer and Lancaster Farming and getting more and more involved in the Calvert County and Maryland Farm Bureaus. As my marketing skills got stronger, so did my passion for agriculture.

And so it seemed natural that I would open my own marketing company focused on working with farms, agricultural organizations, and food-based businesses. I do a little bit of everything at All Ag Media: graphic design, writing, marketing -- and of course education. I offer free resources on the blog, host workshops such as Photography for Farmers, and I present on marketing topics for groups like the University of Maryland's Annie's Project.

The best compliment I hear is "you understand." That's my mission, to listen to what my clients need, understand their business goals, and deliver them with the resources they need to be successful.

I love meeting new people. So whether you're looking for a marketing partner or just want to bounce around ideas, I'd love to get connected.


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