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Three Things You need to Know

The workshop was jam packed with information, but I asked Melissa what are the three main takeaways and I summarized them in this blog post

She said to remember: 

  • Lighting: Natural light is always best
  • Perspective: Don't be afraid to move
  • Context: Tell a story through your photographs

Workshop Workbook

Download a copy of the Photography for Farmers Workshop Workbook here!

Links to Fun Tools & Resources

Photo Styling Tools

Foam Board - I buy mine on Amazon. White and black are your best bet, but there are all sorts of other colors out there.

Contact Paper - Melissa showed us a cool hack. If you wrap your foam board in contact paper, you can make it look like a marble countertop

The Styling Mat - We got a sneak peek at a brand new tool called the Styling Mat. It was designed by a photographer/florist. It's foldable and washable. Once it launches, you can order it here. 

Plus, basically anything you have lying around the house. Pull out that old china, dust off those old books, polish up your silverware...all of it adds unique context and interest to your photography.

Photo Editing Apps

PicTapGo - This is the one that Melissa said was her favorite. It's $2.99 and only available for the iPhone. 

A Color Story - A color story is very similar to the one mentioned above and available for both the iPhone and Android.

SnapSeed - Jamie uses this one. It's easy to use and free for iPhone and Android.

VSCO - Is another popular photo editing app and it's been around for a long time.

We want to see your lovely pictures!

Melissa and I can't wait to see what you do! You can tag us in your photos @allagmedia and @sweetmelissa_b or use the hashtag #allagmedia

Thanks again! We had a wonderful time. And if you have a moment, please consider leaving a review for All Ag Media or Melissa Barrick Photography on Facebook.